80,000 Hours - Celebrating 80 Years of Ministry

Congratulations!! We have reached our goal. Thanks to everyone who participated! What a wonderful way to celebrate 80 years of ministry to our young church.

Recent Service Hour Entries

91,225 hours volunteered total!

CYO Conference 1950s

Show above: CYO Conference 1950s

Pitcher and Basin 2011

Show above: Pitcher and Basin 2011

CYO in the early days

Show above: CYO in the early days

Pilgrimage 2011

Show above: Pilgrimage 2011

A 1970s CYO rereat

Show above: A 1970s CYO rereat

Pitcher and Basin 2009

Show above: Pitcher and Basin 2009

CYO Leader Tuck Mulrooney

Show above: CYO Leader Tuck Mulrooney

CYM Football 2007

Show above: CYM Football 2007

Not a Competition - A Celebration of our Baptismal Call!

No prizes. No ribbons. No trophies. Just the knowledge that you have made someone else's life better or the work of an organization easier because you spent time (for which you were not paid) helping out.  We have even compiled a list of all the places you might consider serving. So live your baptismal call as a Disciple of Christ by serving others today! Why celebrate? Because 80 years ago, organized ministry to young people in the Diocese of Wilmington began with one priest's vision and a group of volunteers. Read about the history of CYM and the people that started it all. Read more...


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